How to choose wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a tool that lets you store and manage LBY and other cryptocurrencies.


A cryptocurrency wallet is a tool that lets you manage your LBY and other cryptocurrencies. Depending on your needs, there are multiple wallets to choose from. Some solutions are better if you plan to trade often, while other solutions are better if your main goal is to safeguard a considerable sum for a longer period of time.

All wallets created in Libonomy OS, Libonomy mobile apps as well as through web interface and Google Chrome extension are interchangeable and can be used through any of the platforms mentioned above. For example, a wallet created on Libonomy OS can be accessed and used through Libonomy mobile app as well.

Important! Do NOT lose the recovery phrase and guard it safely. Learn how to store your recovery phrase.

Libonomy OS

Libonomy OS is a desktop software for Windows, MAC and Linux users. It’s a functionality-rich tool that offers users a secure way to access their cryptocurrencies as well as many other features like staking, mining, file storage and others.

  • ✔ Access your digital assets
  • ✔ Mine and stake LBY
  • ✔ Trade directly through the software
  • ✔ Use Decentralized Applications

Download Libonomy OS

Mobile Wallet 

Mobile wallet is an app that you download and install on your phone. It’s your cryptocurrency wallet on the go.

  • ✔ Quick and convenient to use on the go
  • ✔ Use to pay for goods and services that accept crypto
  • ✔ Trade with people you have just met

Download for Android mobile phones

Web Wallet

A web-based wallet that you can access through an internet browser from any device - desktop, mobile and tablet.

  • ✔ Simple to use
  • ✔ Access from anywhere
  • ✔ Access with any device

Go to Libonomy Web Wallet

Libonomy Chrome Extension (coming soon)

A web-based wallet that you can access through Google Chrome Extension.

  • ✔ Quick and simple to use
  • ✔ Perfect for active users